DVD Review
by Kevin Carr

    MOVIE: **** (out of 5 stars)
    DVD EXPERIENCE: *** (out of 5 stars)

    Charlie Sheen as CHARLIE HARPER
    Jon Cryer as ALAN HARPER
    Angus T. Jones as JAKE HARPER
    Conchata Ferrell as BERTA
    Holland Taylor as EVELYN HARPER

    Not Rated
    Available on DVD September 1
    Studio: Warner Bros.

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CBS’s hit television series “Two and a Half Men” returns for its sixth season. Once again, Alan (Jon Cryer) and Jake (Angus T. Jones) are kicked out but come crawling back. Charlie has to deal with the realization that his womanizing life is getting old, even for him, which leads him to want to settle down. Meanwhile, Alan’s ex-wife discovers that she’s pregnant, and Alan does some math to realize that he might be the father.

I missed a few of the middle seasons of “Two and a Half Men,” but rediscovered it when season five came out on DVD. By then, the show had gelled, and a decision had been made to not try to make the character exhibit any sign of growth. After all, for straight-out comedy, this is the way to go. By the time characters become caricatures, they are often the most entertaining.

Season six continues this trend, allowing each of the men in Charlie Harper’s house to be slaves to their own problems. While there’s an appearance of growth when Charlie tries to settle down by getting engaged to Chelsea (Jennifer Bini Taylor), he’s still the same old loveable philanderer that makes the show great. Alan continues to have a few relationships, but he never rises above his own neuroses, even when confronted with sizzling hot ladies like his perky receptionist.

Now that Jake is a teenager, he’s given some more appropriate storylines, including a budding relationship with the neighbor’s daughter (which is potentially dangerous considering the neighbor is played by Michael Clarke Duncan). There’s also a brilliantly written episode in which Jake goes on a drinking binge which manages to be funny without any moral lesson or preaching at all.

While this season is more situational than season five, putting most of the action in the Harper house, it mines its comedy from the expected raunchy humor. To be honest, I’m still baffled at how half these jokes get past the censors. Perhaps they are drunk, as Chuck Lorre suggests in one of his vanity cards.

It’s not as strong as season five, but season six still delivers the laughs and keeps the show going strong. And this season did give Ryan Stiles a chance to shine in some select episodes as Alan’s ex-wife’s emasculated husband.

It seems that the writers pulled back a bit with this season of “Two and a Half Men.” There’s some really funny episodes, but few hit it out of the park, like last season’s 100th episode celebration. Plus, I’m not really thrilled with Charlie’s engagement, though there is definitely a fly introduced into the ointment in the season finale.

Because this season doesn’t include the 100th episode, we don’t have the brilliant CSI crossover elements to this DVD set. Instead, we’re left with only a couple fifteen-minute featurettes and a very funny gag reel.

The featurettes include “Two and a Half Men: Growing Up Harper,” which offers a spotlight on Angus T. Jones and what it’s like to grow up on television. The other featurette is “The Women of Two and a Half Men,” which gives a nice look at the key female figures of the show.

Two and a half fans... and people who like to watch relatively raunchy comedy on network TV.

Watch this clip from "Two and a Half Men: The Complete Sixth Season"

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