DVD Review
by Kevin Carr

    MOVIE: *** (out of 5 stars)
    DVD EXPERIENCE: ** (out of 5 stars)

    C. Thomas Howell as FROST MICHAELS
    Timothy Bottoms as CAPTAIN BURROUGHS
    Lindsey McKeon as LINDSEY STEVENS
    Darren Dalton as COLE STEVENS

    Not Rated
    Studio: The Asylum

    Directed by: C. Thomas Howell

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This modern adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic novel finds the crew of a ship in the middle of a mysterious storm. They black out and wake up on the shore of an uncharted island. When they go exploring, they soon discover that the island is inhabited by prehistoric beasts... and a boat-load of Nazis. With two enemies to keep at bay, the crew tries to find a way off the island before becoming dinosaur lunch.

The last time I saw C. Thomas Howell, he was the older, creepy dude trying to get in the pants of Jack Bauer’s daughter on “24.” Since then, it seems that he has taken the directing reigns and made this low-budget adventure film. And I like what he’s done.

Sure, this film is a far cry from “Jurassic Park” or Peter Jackson’s “King Kong.” But then again, “The Land That Time Forgot” has a budget that could maybe feed the cast and crew of those films for one meal. In this respect, movies like “The Land That Time Forgot” are impressive as hell. They feature some decent dinosaur effects for its budget, and the creatures show up several times throughout the film, not just once or twice.

The films coming out from The Asylum are generally fun Saturday afternoon fair to watch with the kids. I watched this movie with my two oldest sons (ages 6 and 8), and they loved it. Anything with dinosaurs in it will get their attention.

With the unfortunate bombing of this summer’s “Land of the Lost,” a movie like “The Land That Time Forgot” is a decent substitute for the original series in my kids’ eyes. Plus, there are some hot ladies in the cast, which makes it fun for dad to watch as well.

You’re not going to get stellar acting or brilliant writing, but for a fun 90 minutes with pizza and popcorn, you can do a lot worse.

This film reminds me of those cheaper, old serials that used to run in the 40s, which I saw in rebroadcasts on television as a child. The “Indiana Jones” movies may have been bigger flicks, but this movie retains the original spirit of their predecessors. I wish Hollywood would make more of these jungle adventures, both for big budgets and smaller ones, too.

As with any low-budget feature, there are plenty of limitations. The dinosaur effects, while impressive for the scale of this film, are pretty rough. Still, they’re better than the effects in some other Asylum features, like the “Transmorphers” series.

The DVD comes with the original trailer, a blooper reel and a featurette called “The Making of The Land That Time Forgot,” which includes interviews with cast and crew.

Kids and their dads who love dinosaurs and jungle adventure movies.

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