Blu-ray Review
by Kevin Carr

    MOVIE: ** (out of 5 stars)
    BLURAY EXPERIENCE: ***1/2 (out of 5 stars)

    Kate Hudson as ANDIE
    Matthew McConaughey as BEN
    Adam Goldberg as TONY
    Michael Michele as SPEARS
    Shalom Harlow as GREEN
    Kathryn Hahn as MICHELLE

    Rated PG-13
    Studio: Paramount

    Directed by: Donald Petrie

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Andie (Kate Hudson) is a successful New York writer for the fashion magazine “Composure.” However, she’s dying to do hard-hitting journalism about politics, religion, poverty and economics. Her latest column is “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” in which she has to meet a guy, get him on the hook and make him dump her after she does all the things single girls do wrong in a relationship. She targets Ben (Matthew McConaughey) for the article, but Ben has his own bet with his boss that he can make a woman fall in love with him in ten days.

I’m not one of those critics who will berate a romantic comedy for following its own established formula. I like a good formula movie, and the rom com is the one type of film that is best with a formula. What makes a rom com rise above the standard plots and situations is the chemistry of the actors and how well they fit together in the movie itself.

For the most part, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey work well together in this film. Sure, Hudson has never been able to deliver comedy well, but McConaughey does have plenty of on-screen charisma for the both of them.

There is an underlying truth to “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” in regards to dating, and the film does put all the dirty laundry of relationship faux pas on the screen for us. I will admit that Hudson and McConaughey make a cute couple, even if their characters aren’t the nicest of people.

The biggest problem I had with this film was the set-up and premise. It works on paper, but most of the movie is spent with the characters being simply awful. They both have approached the relationship with the greatest amount of deceit, and when things are revealed to each other, they are equally aghast. The film makes a feeble effort to show the characters really falling in love with a two-minute music montage about an hour and fifteen minutes in, but this is much too little and far too late.

Kate Hudson is adorable, but she works best in dramatic films. Having seen her in a couple rom coms, I just never thought she was believable as a comedic lead. McConaughey, on the other hand, is very charming, but his character really is a big of a jerk. As a love story, the film never quite comes together and would have worked better as a cynical look at modern relationships.

The new Blu-ray release includes commentary by director Donald Petrie, about twenty minutes of deleted scenes (which also include Petrie’s commentary) and a music video by Keith Urban.

Hi-def featurettes include “How to Make a Movie in 2 Years,” which features the authors of the original book talking about how their humorous look at relationships became a feature film. “Why the Sexes Battle” is a short featurette that includes somewhat stuffy academics dissecting the reasons why men and women are different. Finally, “Girls Night Out” puts the spotlight back on the book’s original authors Jeannie Long and Michele Alexander, including a not-so-surprising reveal that they commit the mistakes themselves and aren’t in long-term relationships.

Fans of the romantic comedy and Matthew McConaughey with his shirt off.

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