DVD Review
by Kevin Carr

    MOVIE: *1/2 (out of 5 stars)
    DVD EXPERIENCE: * (out of 5 stars)

    David Charvet as CAMERON DAY
    Torrey DeVitto as MIA FONSECA
    Kristin Cavallari as LANA
    Brody Hutzler as JEREMY MADDEN
    Court Young as KENNY FONSECA
    Jason Olive as D’ARREL LACROIX
    Bret Roberts as VERDE
    Jaleel White as JASON BOOTIE

    Rated PG-13
    Studio: MGM

    Directed by: Paul Nihipali

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Cameron Day (David Charvet) had a promising career as a college basketball star. However, when he choked on the big game while the NBA scout was in the audience, he found his pro ball career vaporize. This led him to a slacker life in L.A. where he hooks up with a group of beach bums whose lives consist of drinking beer and playing volleyball. However, soon Cameron learns to use his athletic ability to rise to the top of the beach volleyball scene, but it might cause him to need to choose between friends and fame.

Okay, let me start things off by saying that it’s great to see that Jaleel White is getting work in his post-Urkel days. Sure, it’s not a big movie – not even a theatrical release – and he’s just a supporting character. But the kid was a great actor who shined in the 90s. It’s nice to see he’s at least trying to make a comeback.

Okay, all Urkel-gushing aside, “Beach Kings” isn’t a complete waste of film. The biggest thing that it has going for it is the eye candy – for both the men and the ladies. You cannot make a beach volleyball movie without offering the viewer copious amount of skimpy swimsuit shots.

This is the third film in only a few months that I have seen that gives Kristin Cavallari a shot at acting. However, she can’t even hold a candle to a bit part by Jaleel White. Cavallari is a hot little number, and she looks great in a bikini, but a fine actor she is not. I couldn’t even tell you what her purpose was in this film. Still, I did like watching her prance around half-naked.

You might be tempted to pigeon-hole me as an idiot and a pervert because my biggest compliments about “Beach Kings” is its skin factor and the semi-return of an 90s icon. However, you haven’t seen this film. If you’re a huge fan of the beach volleyball circuit, you should enjoy the cameos and the sports footage. But for the rest of us schlubs, the T&A/Urkel factor is the biggest draw.

“Beach Kings” tries to make itself relevant and exciting. However, if you’re not into the beach volleyball scene, a lot of this will be lost. There’s tons of cameos, but without the knowledge of the sport, the cameos just turn into bad acting moments for one-line extras.

The story is incredibly hard to follow, considering how simple it is. I was never quite sure of Cameron’s motivations, especially when he blows off a possible basketball tryout for a beach bum volleyball game. His moping got on my nerves and kept me from feeling any sympathy for the man.

“Beach Kings” seems really forced and really rocky, containing weird messages like drinking volumes of beer makes you a better volleyball player. Ultimately, aside from the strange beer/volleyball connection, the film comes off as a poorly constructed commercial for the sport itself.

There are no special features on this disc at all.

Fans of professional beach volleyball.

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